One of the areas that people could think to invest is in real estate. there are many advantages of investing in real estate that is why it is seen to be one that people choose to invest in. Even if there are also the disadvantages, people have the sense that it is a property that you could have a profit and you will not lose. But it was proven that it is not the situation all the time. There are changes that it is being made.

The crash in the real estate market has made it vulnerable also to loses. It is very sad to see houses which were fully occupied before just left there. The family could not pay and they have to move out. No one could also buy it and so now it is stagnant. The investment of the family is now gone. One of the disadvantages of investing in real estate is that it is not easily converted to cash when needed. That is because you have to sell it.

Now people are into being minimalist and so they are building also houses which are smaller. One that is enough only to have the needs of two people. It does not occupy much space of land and that it is functioning well. There is also the apartment that is enough for one to two persons. There are more people to be accommodated because space was more than the normal space. It is catching up for those who want to have a space of their own.